Vegan Travel Tips from Vegan World Trekker

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We interviewed Maria from Vegan World Trekker to get some advice on how to travel as a vegan. There are also some great tips on where to find vegan food in New York City and Montreal!

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Jazz Hostels: You just went to Montreal – What were some of the highlights of your trip?

Maria: Montreal is a fascinating city! My highlights included visiting Notre Dame Cathedral in the Old Town neighborhood, as well as a stop at the Olympic Stadium, St. Joseph’s Oratory, and the beautiful Mont Royal Park overlooking the city. It was also a pleasure to explore the vegan food scene there.

Jazz: What were your favorite vegan dishes that you had in Montreal and where can our readers find them?

Maria: I enjoyed a vegan lasagna dish at Bonny’s Restaurant, a vegan waffle brunch at Aux Vivres, a raw vegan burger at Crudessence, and an international vegan buffet at Le Commensal.

Jazz: Where are some good places to find vegan snacks in Montreal?

Maria: ShiShi Desserts is a new bakery which sells several varieties of vegan cupcakes. Meu Meu is an ice cream shop which sells several varieties of vegan ice cream. I highly recommend both establishments!!

Jazz: What are some of your favorite places to get vegan food in New York?

Maria: I have visited New York many times. I enjoy Candle79, Angelica Kitchen, and Vegetarian Dim Sum House. Babycakes Bakery is phenomenal also!!

Jazz: When traveling to a new city, what is the best way to find vegan-friendly restaurants?

Maria: I always search online at prior to my trip.

Jazz: What are the most vegan-friendly countries that you’ve visited so far?

Maria: I have traveled to five continents and have visited many countries. I would say that South Africa (Cape Town), Peru, England, Singapore, Thailand, and China are the most vegan-friendly.

Jazz: What are the most challenging moments you’ve had as a vegan traveler?

Maria: It has been challenging in some countries trying to explain the intricacies of vegan dining. Examples are trying to explain that vegans can’t even eat something cooked in animal broth or cooked on grill which had meat prior on it. Another challenge has been when traveling with a large tour company, they sometimes stop at cafes which do not have vegan options. In some cases, the chef is able to prepare something vegan after being asked by the local tour guide.

Jazz: What are some changes, if any, you have see in veganism around the world?

Maria: I have seen vegan meal options increase greatly over the past ten years globally. People are more familiar with the word vegan. Another wonderful thing happening worldwide is that not only vegan meals are becoming easier to find, but also that more and more vegan restaurants and vegan bakeries/ice cream shops are being established across the globe.

Jazz: When many people think of veganism, they think of food first. What are some other things to be aware of when traveling as a vegan?

Maria: Other items to be aware of as a traveling vegan is the fabric of your luggage, pillows, blankets, and personal wear items such as shoes, belts, and wallets.

Jazz: What are some recommended books and websites where people new to veganism can find out more?

Maria: Great vegan outreach information can be found at,,,,, websites. Some helpful books include “Vegan Freak – Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World” by Bob and Jenna Torres and “The Kind “Diet” by Alicia Silverstone.

Jazz: Thanks Maria!

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