Montreal’s Chinese Garden Lights up with Hundreds of Lanterns this Fall

by / Monday, 06 September 2010 / Published in Montreal

Experience the magic of Chinese lanterns this fall at Montreal’s Botanical Garden.

Photo at the Botanical Garden, Montreal Canada © Wagner2005

2010 marks the 18th anniversary of The Magic of Lanterns at the Montreal Botanical Garden. September 10th though October 31st the Chinese Garden in the Botanical Gardens will be filled with more than 700 paper Chinese lanterns.

This year’s theme is “Like a Painting”. It is inspired by Qing Ming Shang He Tu, one of the most famous traditional Chinese painters.

Photo of The Magic of Lanterns © mattjiggins

There will also be giant lanterns of dragonflies, butterflies and grasshoppers lighting up the paths around the garden in honor of the Botanical Garden Insectarium’s 20th anniversary.

Photo of The Magic of Lanterns © Zanastardust

China’s Lantern Festival dates back to more than 2000 years ago and was part of the New Year celebration. People of all ages would carry lit lanterns with intricate scenes painted on them through the streets. The lanterns created for the Botanical Garden are handmade using traditional methods in Shanghai.

Photo of The Magic of Lanterns © Zanastardust

Refreshments such as Chinese pastries and jasmine greet tea are available for purchase. There are also Chinese lanterns for sale in the gift shop.

The Magic of Lanterns will be open every night until 9:00 pm.

Chinese Garden Montreal Botanical Garden
4101, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal, Québec Canada, H1X 2B2
Telephone: +1 (514) 872-1400

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