9 Reasons you should visit Montreal’s Underground City

by / Monday, 20 December 2010 / Published in Montreal

Did you know that Montreal has second city right underneath it? Underground City (also called La Ville Souterrain or RESO) is a huge complex of connecting shops, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, museums and much, much more. Because of its underground city, Montreal is sometimes referred to as “Two Cities in One”. Here are 9 reasons why you should visit this city underneath the City.

Photo of Underground City Map, Montreal Canada © CurbsnBenches

1. With more than 19 miles (30 km) of tunnels throughout a twelve square kilometer (4.6 sq mi) area of downtown, Montreal’s Underground City is the largest underground complex in the world.

2. Underground City links and contains more than 200 restaurants, 1700 shops and 30 movie theaters. There is more to see and do here that can be achieved in one day!

3. It is easily accessible from just about anywhere in the city. It is connected to 10 metro stations and there are more than 120 exterior entrances.

Photo of Underground City Shops, Montreal Canada © Laslovarga

4. It connects with many great tourist attractions like Old Montreal and Olympic Park,

5. With more than 500,000 visitors a day, Underground City is a great place to people watch.

6. There are great photo opportunities around every corner.

Photo of an Underground City Pedestrian Tunnel, Montreal Canada © Paul Lowry

7. Most parts of Underground City are open from 5:30 am to 1:00 am – the same hours of operation as the metro. Many exterior entrances are closed outside regular business hours.

8. Because of its location, Underground City is a great place to explore in any kind of weather.

9. It is 100% free.

Map of Underground City from STM (metro system)
Map from RESO

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    5 Responses to “9 Reasons you should visit Montreal’s Underground City”

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    2. angel says :

      ive lived in lachine for yrs and had no idea montreal had an underground city! where excatly is it?

    3. Jason (or JaSonic) says :

      Angel, I am replying to you in wanting to find out where the underground city is. Well, it’s more in downtown Montreal, stretching from the Guy-Concordia (Green line) station and George-Victoria (Orange line) station to the Place-des-Arts (Green line) station and the Place-d’Armes (Orange line) station. Go experience it yourself. :)

      My favorite is the Eaton Center at the McGill station. There are lots to experience, so again, go experience it.

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