How to Get Around Miami by City Bus, Metrorail, and Metromover

by / Monday, 20 October 2008 / Published in Miami

Miami is the 7th largest city in the USA and it has a great public transportation system.  There are three parts to the transportation system: the Metrobus, the Metrorail, and the Metromover.

The Metrobus

The Metrobus is Miami’s city bus system.  It goes from South Beach (where our Miami hostel is located) to downtown Miami, and even up to Ventura, where you can connect with the Broward County bus system that goes to Fort Lauderdale.

This bus route map [PDF] has routes for all the Miami-Dade Metrobus lines.  You’ll see bus stops all over Miami Beach and Miami like the one in the image below.  The sign indicates which busses stop there:

Photo of Miami Beach bus stop © Daquella manera

The Metrorail

The Metrorail is a 22-mile train system that runs from Kendall (south of Miami) through downtown Miami, and up to northwest Miami/Dade County where you can connect with the Tri-Rail train system that goes into Fort Lauderdale.  The Metrorail is a good way to go south from downtown Miami to destinations like Coral Gables, University of Miami, South Miami, or the Dadeland Mall.

If you’re arriving at the Metrorail from South Beach, you’ll probably be transferring from the Metrobus to the Metrorail at Government Station.  Here’s a Metrorail route map, and a photo of the Metrorail train:

The Metromover

The Metromover is a bus-like vehicle that rides on a track above the downtown area of Miami.  It’s a great way of getting around downtown.  Metromover route maps and schedules can be found here.

If you are arriving in downtown Miami from South Beach, you can either get on the Metromover at Omni Station or at Government Center—downtown Miami’s main transit station.  The Metromover is free!

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