Jazz on Ronnybrook Farm Stay

by / Sunday, 26 October 2008 / Published in Jazz on Ronnybrook

Come join us in New York’s Hudson Valley at Jazz on Ronnybrook for a full farm stay experience!

Photo of cows

Jazz Hostels offer guests a unique opportunity to spend a week living, working, and enjoying the benefits of Ronnybrook Farm and its surroundings in the Hudson Valley.

The Hudson Valley is in upstate New York with beautiful forests and opportunities for hiking and exploring nature:

Photo of Hudson Valley, New York State

Ronnybrook Farm produces a line of diary products that contain no hormones, antibiotics or additives.  There are ice creams, yogurts, as well as flavored milks and butters.

Dairy products from Ronnybrook Farm

For more information on the farm stay, see the Jazz on Ronnybrook page.

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