Free Wifi Hotspots: New York City, Miami, Montreal

by / Sunday, 11 January 2009 / Published in Backpacking USA

Our seven hostels have free wifi Internet for our hostel guests!

Photo of a laptop - Free Wifi

5 New York City Wifi Hotspots

We have 5 backpackers hostels in New York City that offer free wireless Internet to guests:

Miami Wifi Hotspot

Hostel guests can enjoy free wireless Internet just 1 block from the beach:

Montreal Wifi Hotspot

Our hostel in Montreal has free wifi throughout the building:

Other Free Stuff

If you’re not staying at Jazz Hostels, there are four other sites where you can search free free wifi:

For more free things to do in New York City, see free stuff for backpackers and free things to do in NYC!

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