Bizarre Foods in Montreal

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Montreal is a foodie’s paradise. Even Andrew Zimmern from The Travel Channel’s wildly popular show Bizarre Foods thinks so. Join him as he eats his way around Montreal’s classic dishes as well as some, well, bizarre foods. Here are three clips from Bizarre Foods: Montreal.

In this first clip, Andrew visits a couple of Montreal’s best loved restaurants. At Fairmount Bagel, he learns how they make their amazing bagel using a technique going back hundreds of years. It turns out it’s not so easy. Bagel makers at Fairmount Bagel train for 8 weeks!

Andrew also visits the world famous Schwartz’s Deli for some of Montreal’s best smoked meat.

The last stop in this first clip is to Brome Lake Duck Market and Bistro. This restaurant and shop sells nothing but duck products. They even have a special duck poutine!

Get ready for some bizarre food in this next clip. Andrew Zimmern stops at DNA, a restaurant specializing in using all parts of the animal. Andrew eats his way through an array of dishes including horse heart and tongue, venison and polenta topped with dried venison blood and ends the meal with pig blood custard and sour patch coxcombs.

After eating on the wild side at DNA, Andrew heads over to La Banquise, a poutine lovers heaven. At La Barquise, Andrew samples different kinds of poutine and ends the night off with an old fashioned arm wrestling contest.

After eating breakfast of an impressive array of meats, including a brain sandwich, at Abu Elias, Andrew heads out of the city to a local sugar shack.

Sugar shacks are maple syrup lovers paradise. Andrew spends an afternoon at Cabane à Sucre where they serve a 10 course meal, every dish seasoned with maple syrup, including a lobster maple souffle.

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