New York City’s medieval treasures

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Did you know there was a medieval-style abbey in New York City? It’s true! Not only is The Cloisters a medieval style abbey, it’s also houses an amazing selection of medieval art and treasures.

Photo of Medieval Art, The Cloisters Museum, New York City © bpende

The Cloisters Museum is actually the only museum in America dedicated solely to medieval art. There are more than 3000 works of art from medieval Europe in the museum including statues, paintings, embroidered tapestries and parts of building from medieval times.

The art is not just hanging on the walls and displayed on pedestals at the Cloisters. The building and surrounding gardens themselves are works of medieval style art.

Photo of Medieval Art, The Cloisters Museum, New York City © jbparker

The Cloisters Museum is house in a building that was built in the 1930s and designed to look like a medieval abbey. There are beautiful gardens with carefully selected plants reflecting what would have been growing during medieval times. There is even a medieval-style herb garden.

You can read about The Cloisters fascinating history here and see a map of the abbey and grounds as well as ready about some of their famous pieces of art here.

Photo of The Cloisters, New York City © e_chaya

The Cloisters are a branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met). Visit their website for their suggested admission prices and directions.

March through October: Tuesday through Sunday: 9:30am to5:15pm.
November through February: Tuesday through Sunday: 9:30am. to 4:45pm
Closed Mondays, Thanksgiving Day, December 25, and January 1

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