Amazing Facts About the Empire State Building

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The Empire State Building is one of the most interesting buildings in New York City!

Longest World Record Holder

The Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world between 1931 and 1972.  No other building has held the record for such a long period of time since the Strasbourg Cathedral lost the title of “World’s Tallest Building” in 1874.

In the background of the image above, you can see the Chrysler Building, which was the tallest building in the world for a short time before the Empire State Building was completed.

Zeppelin Docking Station

The top of the Empire State Building was originally designed for mooring zeppelins (airships). The photo above of an airship was taken in 1931 – the same year that the Empire State Building was completed.

Art Deco Design

Photo © mattimattila

The Empire State Building is in the Art Deco style, characterized by decorative, geometric designs.

Another place where you can view Art Deco architecture is in South Beach, Miami.

Multi-Colored Floodlights

The color of the building’s lights changes according to current events.  In the photo above, the Empire State Building is lit with red floodlights for Valentine’s Day.  The building in the background is the Chrysler Building.

For more information on the Empire State Building lighting schedule, click here.

It Has Its Own Zip Code: 10118

The Empire State Building has its own zip code to accommodate its 1,000 businesses and 21,000 employees.  The only larger office complex in the USA is the Pentagon.

Construction Statistics

  • 3,400 workers
  • 410 days of construction
  • 6,500 windows
  • 73 elevators
  • 2,768,591 square feet (257,211 m2) of floor space

The building became profitable in 1950 and was sold the next year for a record $51 million.

Media Broadcasting

Most of New York City’s commercial FM radio and TV stations are broadcast from the top of the Empire State Building.

The USA’s Most Popular Structure

In a poll of Americans by the American Institute of Architects, the Empire State Building outranked the White House and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge as “America’s Favorite Architecture.”

First Building With 100 Floors

The Empire State Building was the first building in the world with 100 floors.  In total, the building has 102 floors which reach to 1,250 feet (381 m).

Empire State Building Run-Up

The Empire State Building Run-Up is an annual race up 1,576 steps to the 86th floor of the building.  The world record time for the race is held by Australian Paul Crake at 9 minutes and 33 seconds.

Lightning Strikes

The lightning rod on the top of the Empire State Building is struck by lighting an average of 23 times each year.

Visiting Information

For the latest information on visiting the Empire State Building, visit the Official Site.

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