Jazz Hostels

Work Exchange at Jazz Hostels

If you’re an international traveler planning an extended stay in New York or Miami, consider joining our Work Exchange program.

Come Jazz it up with us!

Work Exchange at Jazz Hostels is a great opportunity to work and live in a friendly atmosphere where you can meet people from around the world while having fun on the job. In exchange for 32 hours a week of work in a variety of tasks - ranging from front desk duty, to housekeeping, to administrative work - you’ll receive free accommodation in one of our hostels for as long as you’re with us.

Jazz Hostels prefers to accept participants who are students of the hospitality industry or long-term travelers who are equally interested in exploring new cities as well as contributing to the Jazz Hostels vibe by supporting our staff. We expect you to take your work seriously when you're here! Also, to participate in the Work Exchange program, a commitment of 3 months is required.